Extract DBX to PST – Reasons to consider

Given, that the Outlook Express doesn’t have much to offer, apart from the big disk space and the facility (a good one at that) to manage emails and contacts. The reasons for converting from DBX to PST are many, for every new features of the Outlook (like tasks, journals, alarms, etc), comes with a set of advantages of their own.

Like, you can always Extract DBX to PST, select the required information and have them managed in the Journals (facility offered by Outlook), in a way of rough work and then when the time comes you can always have an interesting presentation to offer. Likewise, the feature of the To-Do List helps you to arrange an agenda that helps you manage your time the best at your workplace, like arranging for meetings. Countless such work would become a left-hand game when you Convert DBX to PST Outlook.

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Handling the task to Extract DBX to PST with the right solution

Extracting the information in DBX format into the PST, if not impossible, is definitely messy stuff. There is always the possibility of the files getting damaged or altered. The present method is not an ensured solution against large scale conversion. It might take up on the large scale conversion, but then it would take up on as much of time. But an easier method is not possible, certainly not between these two. But it a solution easily acquired from a third party utility, there are numbers of options to choose from. In that case, the DBX to PST Converter could be worthy of your notice.

How is this tool useful in converting DBX to PST?

With a conversion procedure as systematical as its; this software never fails to deliver the best performance, when it comes to moving DBX emails into the format of PST. The conversion does not have any adverse effect in the email, (like altering its information or format). It is capable of converting multiple files. This tool is Windows OS based. Whether you convert the files one by one or at once, the software would be equally effective.

Reasons to Extract DBX to PST with this particular tool

  • Converting emails information
    This software moves the inbox files, outbox files and the likes of it into the Outlook and with it goes the details (To, From, Sent date, etc).
  • Capability to retain the emails unaltered
    The information or the formatting of the emails (HTML, font style, font color, border and the rest) is not left open for any kind of change.
  • Inclusion of group conversion feature
    Here you have the facility for converting a whole group of files at once. This feature is particularly useful when you lack the time for the full fledged conversion of dozens of files.
  • Two options available for saving the emails
    - Saving the files in single Outlook PST folder
    - Saving the different files in separate PST folder
  • Supportive about all the UNICODE versions of Outlook
    It is an easy way to move the emails from the Outlook Express versions like 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 into the MS Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.

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